Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM services started in 1985. We now feature 3 CNC Wire EDM’s that utilize System 3R +/-.0002 accuracy fixturing.

We also provide small hole Wire EDM services to .010 diameter. Promold-Gauer can provide a solution to any of your Wire EDM needs.

EDM Small Hole


Charmille Small Hole EDM – .01dia. to .19dia. size range; X=13.8″, Y=9.8″, Z=13.8″ travel, .0005 positioning accuracy.


(2) Charmille Robofill 400 – with Fastcut; X=12.5″, Y=17.5″, Z=17″ travel, up to 55 deg. Taper, .0001 tolerance. 1763 lb. weight capacity.

wire-edm-2 wire-edm-1

Charmille Robofill 310 – Programmable 5-Axis control; X=15.75″, Y=9.85″, Z=15.75″ travel, up to 30deg. Taper, .0001 Tolerance.

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